Life goes on!!!


Now I try to take new photos for Pepe’s accessoires, and started Instagram for Pepe and introduce myself 🙂

If you are interested check here  :  pepe _accessoires
Next creator’s market in May!
I will show Pepe’s new collection and of course the previous collection 🙂
Wish you lovely days,
Today’s music
関白宣言 さだまさし / Kanpaku sengen : Masashi Sada
He is a famous Japanese folk singer from the 70’s. What’s amazing is I can feel Japanese stance towards gender change in this generation. Still… somethings continue until now but yeah! Life goes on !!!

New step!

Now the big Christmas market week is over, and if someone come from PEPE’s webshop you can see that PEPE’s accessoires are all sold out now… It’s a big pleasure for me but at the same time I’m sorry for not being organized enough…
But one more news for PEPE accessoires is that I got invited to shops !! If you’re interested you can visit those.

Secret Sable, Boutique/Atelier-Tea Galerie
Adresse: 9, rue Despieds, 13003 Marseille
Koishi, restaurant japonais
Adresse : 25, rue Sainte, 13001 Marseille

Today I went to Secret Sable to put my works and deco. A really unique and really beautiful shop!

So, now I will take holiday for Christmas. PEPE will come back in 2018 !!
To those who bought my jewelry: I hope your ears are shining for Christmas day!


Today’s music: The Blue heart « For you »
His lyrics always  go to my, and your, heart…!!

La Provence !


If someone sees this blog from Cours Julien’s Christmas market, thanks for coming to PEPE’s and thanks for sharing your thoughts!
And  PEPE accessoires was featured in the newspaper « La Provence » !
Sunday there was a lot of rain in Marseille, but some woman who comes every year in this market to buy X’mas presents chose PEPE for this year’s present!! How nice I could enter her history of X’mas market…
And I notice that many peoples have metal allergy just like me… I can recall why PEPE was born!
Those two days , I used all my power but I’m still going to let my passion grow to make what I want to see come true: all people enjoying fashion with no pain!!


Today’s music :モーモールルギャバン(mo-mo-rurugyaban)
What I most want to go see live… Go! go! rurugyaban!!

Christmas market in cours julien!

Coucou, today I wanna inform you that PEPE accessories will be present at the Christmas market in Cours Julien. I’ve been making preparations for a long time for this creators’ market, and I made protection boxes for my jewelery… sounds *POP* nice!

Enjoy the weekend!


Today’s music: Kyu Sakamoto « Let’s walk looking up at the sky »

The english translated title is « Sukiyaki » but I don’t know why… Let’s use a nice original title here 🙂

Yellow world


November 23rd, national holiday of  Workers in Japan. So, I took a holiday too.

Here in park Borély was a Yellow world. Leafs were coloring to yellow and green, it made me breath deeply. Like when I play guitar , like when I’m working on creations, like when I’m singing to myself with my limited big voice.

In japan, I always took my bicycle everywhere, and I sometime sang with a big voice in the night on my bicycle… you can try, that’ll really make you feel good. But not in city center, you’ll probably scare everyone.

In rice field’s road. You just say sorry to sleeping animals…

Whatever, coming soon: my next creator’s market. It’s December 9th and 10th, 16th and 17th! It’s is Cours Julien in Marseille. Exciting!

Today’s music

The Cynical Store: I saw them in « Rising sun music fest » in Hokkaido. Their music just makes me « Feel so good ».

Sound of winter


Nice to meet you, my name is PEPE.

This blog gives news about my accessories brand «  PEPE accessoires » and
my daily thoughts… About japan, music, wear… etc.
my mother made this scarf for my birthday. I got her letter with this beautiful scarf, and it was written  « for your sensitive throat ».
Yes, sometimes I get very sick, my throat hurts and I get a 40℃ fever which makes me feel like I’m  130 years old.
Now my throat is warming up like spring air and I’m ready for winter.

Sound of winter.


Today’s music
茜色の夕日:フジファブリック(Akaneiro no yuhi : Fujifabric)